Intrinsic Vitality

Health Through Homeopathy

Are you or someone you know in need of help to restore harmony and health into their lives? Have you tried and tried to heal or are you just starting your journey?  It is important to know that Homeopathy can be a true healing journey.  I invite you to explore this road which can restore your Intrinsic Vitality. Intrinsic Vitality is the state of inner health that your body innately knows, but may not be able to obtain at this time.  Homeopathy gently reminds your body of this state and gently moves it back to this inner state of health.

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Bonnie has over 30 years experience in the Healthcare Industry.  She received her primary education and certification in Homeopathy from the Colorado School of Homeopathy, Boulder, Colorado.  She completed a 3 year advanced post graduate course at Dynamis School of Homeopathy, London, UK.  She then studied the Sensation Method of Homeopathy at Inner Health, Boston, MA, completing both the Apprenticeship and Mentorship programs. Bonnie has received her National CHC accreditation from the Council of Homeopathic Certification.  Bonnie has also studied with several renowned homeopaths including, Dr. Luc De Shepper, Belgium/US; Dr. Nandita Shaw, India; Dr. Farohk Master, India; Alastair Gary, Australia; Miranda Castro, U.S.; Jeremy Sherr, Israel; and Mahesh Gandi, India; She taught, mentored and trained students at the Catalyst School of Homeopathy.  In addition, Bonnie obtained both a BS in Pharmacy, an MBA from the University of Colorado

Bonnie is a Professional Nationally Certified Homeopath and started the business Intrinsic Vitality for client care.  Homeopathy can help you to restore health and prevent illness. 


Intrinsic Vitality

Intrinsic Vitality

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